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The Global Standard of the Fashion Business.
Unit prices are now in a deflationary spiral from excessive competition resulting from an excess of imports and oversupply. At Toko, we need to display our skills, knowledge, experience, and power to the maximum in order to stay on top of the fashion industry in these current days of hardship. We believe what is required from a fashion specialty enterprise like ours is to build a reliable partnership that enables us to share the risks with the clients. Our reliability is based on the work we have built up over our 70 years since establishment, which has resulted in our power for product planning, working as an organizer with a wide variety of overseas and domestic companies, and our excellent feeling for what the future will bring.

Trust is intangible, but trust is our greatest property. At Toko we think that a company is the people who work there and support the company. We work hard to build an environment where our people are motivated and work hard, doing their best for you. We are working hard toward establishing our personnel system and flexible office and IT infrastructure, based on our motto of "Treating Everyone Equally is not the same as Fair Treatment." we respond to the impatient changes of the needs of the market, and then we go even further by placing importance on building trust instead of just looking for immediate profit. We want to be the fashion specialty enterprise that clients, business connections, and employees will choose.

At Toko Shoji, where we will continue to establish the global standard for the fashion business, we are confident that our fashion business will become bigger and bigger. We will use all of our powers in the future to continue our proud tradition and provide what people need and want. We humbly request your support and assistance as we look back at our past 70 years and forward to our next 70 years.
Yoshiharu Mitsui  President
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